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Acknowledging we Live, Learn, Play and Work on Yuin Country

Mumbulla School for Rudolf Steiner Education Class 6 2021 collaborate with local Yuin Artist, Natalie Bateman.

DigiEd – Creativity and Technology

DigiEd claymation films by our class 5 & 6 students.

Visiting Author and Illustrator

Over the next few weeks, we are fortunate to have some author-illustrators visiting the school to share their work and their passion for creating stories with some of the classes.

Susan Perrow’s new book Stories to Light the Night

Susan Perrow’s new book Stories to Light the Night is now published. The library has many of Susan’s books in our collection and we have had Susan visit the school and give parent and teacher talks several times. We have a copy of her latest book. It is the Front …

Introducing our Parent Cyber Safety Hub

As a part of our partnership with ySafe, we have received our very own Parent Cyber Safety Hub.

NAIDOC Week – always was, always will be

Our Librarian Nick writes about some of the books available in our library that celebrate First Nations culture.

Steiner Schools: Changing Perspectives in Education

In this blog there is a link to a video explaining more about Steiner Education. Useful information if you want to understand more about what we do at Mumbulla School.

The role of Blackboards

Traditional blackboards are still highly valued at Steiner Schools. In this post you can watch them being created.

Remote Learning

Sue Cairns from the AIS talks to our Education Manager Reagan White about our remote learning experience so far.


The read-a-thon continues

Wellbeing Activities

Useful wellbeing activities from our School Psychologist Rachael Driessen

Literacy Through Creative Writing

A review of Shelley Davidow’s writing workshop for the teachers of Mumbulla School during the Black Summer fires

Supporting Children in a Bushfire Affected Community

This is a presentation by School Psychologist Rachel Driessen on ways in which parents can help support their child/ren impacted by the recent fires.

Kitchen Garden Cookbook

Class 3 and 4 take part in the Kitchen Garden programme every Friday. You can find out more about what happens in the kitchen here and the garden here. This year in the kitchen the children explored breakfasts from around the world and various rice dishes. As well there were …

Social Media use and Children

While phones and online communication is an inherent aspect to our modern world, online interactions can pose a number of risks to young people including negatively impacting self-esteem, mood and increasing the risk of bullying.  Some recommendations are that young people refrain from exposure to social media until around 14 …

The Four Senses

Jane AndrewLearning Support Teacher Steiner worked his whole adult life to develop the picture of the 12 human senses.  He viewed the acquisition and maturity of the twelve senses to be vitally important to a healthy relationship to the world. Steiner believed the foundation for learning is laid by the …

Mental Health Awareness

Rachael Driessen, our School Psychologist provides us with some helpful tips in the lead up to World Mental Health Day

National Volunteers Week

It’s National Volunteer Week. Mumbulla School is the place we all love because of volunteers. We give our thanks to our Volunteers past, present and future.

Why teach cooking and gardening in Class 3 and 4?

Class 3 is the turning point of childhood. The Class 3 and 4 child feels themself growing apart from the world – separate, independent – and this brings about an interest in anything practical. “Class 3 children usually love to go out into Nature in a more methodical and challenging …

Focus on our Garden

Our Garden Coordinator James talks about the Kitchen Garden Programme. Each Friday Class 3 & 4 look forward to their time with James and Nikki. More from Nikki next week.