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Why teach cooking and gardening in Class 3 and 4?

Class 3 is the turning point of childhood. The Class 3 and 4 child feels themself growing apart from the world – separate, independent – and this brings about an interest in anything practical. “Class 3 children usually love to go out into Nature in a more methodical and challenging …


Focus on our Garden

Our Garden Coordinator James talks about the Kitchen Garden Programme. Each Friday Class 3 & 4 look forward to their time with James and Nikki. More from Nikki next week.


Literacy At Mumbulla School

“Have you considered the Steiner school?” I asked a friend.  “Oh, we looked at it, but ruled it out because they don’t believe in books. We are a family of readers,” she emphasized. I was taken aback. Did my friend think that my husband and I didn’t value books or reading? I …