Mandated Groups

Mandated Groups

Mandated groups small committees mandated by the Board to take charge of certain areas of the school’s functioning and advise the Board of information, and make recommendations, to ensure smooth running in all areas of the School.

Many areas at Mumbulla School are managed by mandated groups. These groups include a Board Director and a College of Teachers representative along with a member of school management. All Mandated Group report directly to the Board and make informed recommendations to the Board in relation to their mandated area. Below is a very brief outline of each groups mandate. If you would like to know more about our mandated groups, please get in touch with the contact person for the relevant group.

Work Health and Safety Group (WH&S) mandated to:

  • Carry out and oversee safety at the school, assess risks and prioritise hazard minimization for the entire school community.

Contact is Vickie Goldsmith

Finance Group  mandated to:

  • Develop and manage policy for financial matters relating to the school;
  • Oversee and review financial reports, including budgets and financial statements;
  • Review of the external audit process for priority.

Contact is Hallie Fernandez

Employment Group mandated to:

  • Support the Education Manager, Business Manager and College Chair in recruitment and employment issues.

Contact is Reagan White

Governance, Leadership and Management Group (GLaM) mandated to:

  • Consider and suggest improvements to Board meeting procedure;
  • Assist the Board with vision and strategic planning;
  • Consider and suggest improvements to Board structure including mandated groups.

Contact is Ingrid Mitchell

Equitable Access Group (EAG) mandated to:

  • Explore and facilitate ways to enable equitable access to education at Mumbulla School for social and cultural groups within the community that would otherwise find it difficult to access.

Contact is Ingrid Mitchell

Master Planning Group (MPG) mandated to:

  • Oversee the design and development of a new building projects at the school;
  • Develop and periodically review the Master Plan for the school, including landscape planning.

Contact is Chrisanthi McManus

Reconciliation Action Plan Group (RAP) mandated to:

  • Develop and update Mumbulla School’s RAP, including promoting contributions to reconciliation, both within Mumbulla School, and between the School and First Nations peoples.
  • Encouraging teachers to implement reconciliation actions in the classroom, in accordance with our RAP, to strengthen children and staff knowledge and understanding of First Nations People’s history, culture, and contribution.

Our school is proud to have developed a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) to strengthen relationships, respect and opportunities in the classroom, around the school and with the community. To learn more, visit: Our school’s Vision for Reconciliation statement appears under the interactive Who has a RAP? Map and can be found here.

Contact is Reagan White

Parents & Friends Group (P&F) mandated to:

  • Help create and keep vital the social and fundraising aspects of the school community;
  • Suggest and co-ordinate relevant parent education.

The P&F welcomes your energy, enthusiasm and ideas. The P&F aims to meet two to three times a term to plan and organise the various events and fundraising opportunities that occur during the year. As parents, you are encouraged to become involved with the P&F in any way you feel comfortable. Events and calls for help are advertised through the weekly Bulletin.

There is a fundraising shop located in the Front office, which sells a range of quality goods, including books, crayons, pencils, bucket hats in bright colours, school backpacks, rainbow wool and other craft items.

Fundraising assists the school to buy new playground equipment, musical instruments, library books and much more. Most fundraising activities are also social events, which helps to create our strong school community which values parents’ commitment not only to the children but also to each other.

Contact is Viv Arnott

College of Teachers is mandated to:

  • The College of Teachers is responsible for maintaining teaching and learning quality.

Contact is Monique Watt

* See College Section for further details of College of Teachers.