Primary School

For children, this is a time of adventure, delight and development. Progressing with their class teacher through the years, creates a great sense of security, affection and continuity.

The class teacher is responsible for the Main Lesson period and Practice sessions each day, while specialist teachers provide tuition in French, Music, Craft and Woodwork.

The Main Lesson takes place in the first two hours of each day, providing a thematic and integrated approach to each topic. Each topic is developed over three or four weeks, deepening and enriching the learning experience. All subjects are presented dynamically and creatively, in a way that appeals to the child’s developing imagination.

Over the year, a balance is achieved among the Key Learning Areas – Mathematics, English, Science, History, Geography, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Creative Arts and Personal Development Health & Physical Education (PDHPE).

At midday, the Practice (or Middle) session begins. The children revise work introduced in previous Main Lessons and hone their skills. Each child’s progress is closely monitored by their class teacher. Where possible, lessons are timetabled in the afternoon to provide more hands-on activities.