The Mumbulla School Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is currently made up of ten people. It consists of an equal number of parents and teachers. Any parent or member of the College of Teachers who is a current member of the school’s company is welcome to nominate themselves for a position on the Board of Directors. Current Directors are:

  1. Rachel Alves (Teacher)
  2. Ian Campbell (Chair, Parent)
  3. Vickie Goldsmith (Parent)
  4. Chrisanthi McManus (Teacher)
  5. Ingrid Mitchell (Deputy Chair, Parent)
  6. Lee Slater (College Chair/Teacher)
  7. Mark Spittle (Parent)
  8. Andrew Taylor (Parent)
  9. Monique Watt (Teacher)
  10. Reagan White (Education Manager)

Governance issues and financial and policy decisions are made at meetings of the Board of Directors, held twice per term.  These decisions are arrived at by a process of recommendations from Mandated Groups, discussion and consensus agreement. All members of the school community are welcome to attend as observers. To become a member of the company you can obtain an application from the Front Office.

At the school’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) – generally held in May of each year – a quarter of the current directors stand down and new board directors are appointed for a period of three years. Board Directors may stand again and often do. To become a Director of the Board please ask at the front office for the procedure. The school Constitution and all school policies are also available to parents from the front office.