The College of Teachers (‘College’)

The College of Teachers is mandated to make educational decisions within the school. It is the educational epicentre of the school and as such, all Class Teachers and Specialist Teachers are members of College. The College meeting is held on Wednesday afternoons. The meeting is broken into Education and Business.

Education includes teacher’s professional learning such as class focusses, Steiner philosophy, feedback on professional development teachers may have attended, curriculum reviews and presentations by colleagues. The Educational component of the meeting also covers information, discussions and decisions relating to the philosophy and pedagogy of the school.  College is committed to the ongoing learning and professional development of all teachers. Teachers also undertake ongoing study of child development in the light of anthroposophy and curriculum study from both a Steiner Education perspective and a NESA perspective. College members also work together to know all of the children in their care through regular child study and class focus sessions. The artistic development of teachers is cultivated through painting, movement or singing sessions within the weekly College meetings.

The Business component of the meeting covers business relating to the smooth running of the school. It may include correspondence, planning and day to day information of relevance to all teaching staff.

Class Teachers & Staff 

Class 6 – Monique Watt (teacher) and Ally Madden (partner teacher)

Class 5 – Rachel Alves (teacher) and Ally Madden (partner teacher)

Class 4 – Lee Slater (class teacher) and Lucy Golan (partner teacher)

Class 4 Assistants – Corrie Shepherd and Belinda Collins

Class 3 – Claire Garner (teacher) and Claire Benjamin (partner teacher)

Class 2 – Dan Scollay (teacher) and Isaac Van Haeff (partner teacher)

Class 1 – Rosie Yee (teacher) and Karin Champagne (partner teacher)

Class 1 Assistants – Kate Benedyka & Kristy Lennon

Kindergarten – Chrisanthi McManus, & Annabelle Ciufo

Kinder Assistants – Megan Brens & Kristy Lennon & Belinda Collins

Playgroup – Eve Hofstetter & Alicia Gauld

Learning Support Teachers – Jane Andrew & Helen Gill

French – Benedicte Morrow

Craft – Tjenka Murray

Library – Nick Whittock

Music – Jade Rosskelly

Choir – Geoffrey Badger

Strings Teacher – Jarka Secker

Instrument Tutor – Georgi Hargraves

Kitchen & Garden – Nikki Wagner & James Cook

School Counsellor – Rachel Driessen

Education Manager – Reagan White

Business Manager – Hallie Fernandez

Educational Administrator – Mahamati

Front Office Staff – Vickie Goldsmith and Sarah Keeling

Finance Officer – Lainey Keir

Accounts Officer/HR – Kristy Fitzmaurice

ICT Administrator – Josh Van de Scheur

Buildings & Grounds – Jason Armstrong

Cleaners – Niles Farram and Mick Dansey