Our Mission

Mumbulla School is based on the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner, which acknowledges the spiritual nature of human beings.  The School community, through the encouragement and co-operation of individuals, sets out to create a harmonious school environment which fosters the balanced development of children, preparing them to act in freedom, with intelligence, creativity and purpose in a changing world.

(The Mission Statement of Mumbulla School as enunciated in its Strategic Plan)

Anti-Racism Statement

Mumbulla School acknowledges the historical and ongoing injustice and discrimination experienced by First Nations Peoples, people from diverse cultures and people of diverse ethnic backgrounds in Australia and around the world. We understand the deep and lasting harm caused by such discrimination and the ongoing impact it has on the affected communities, hindering our pursuit of equality and the realisation of our shared aspirations.

Advocating against racism
Mumbulla School acknowledges that racism is embedded in areas of our society and is committed to actively opposing it. We will endeavour to identify, confront, and combat racism and discrimination in our school community.

Rudolf Steiner
We acknowledge that Dr Rudolf Steiner, whose insights and understanding of child development form the basis of Steiner Waldorf Education, made statements that were racist. We unequivocally repudiate these statements, as they are incompatible with our values and the principles of inclusivity and equality that guide our educational philosophy at Mumbulla School. We choose instead to follow the rich paths in Steiner’s philosophy which lead, through teaching and love, toward a celebration of diversity, a world free from prejudice, deeply valuing each individual’s unique gifts.

The guiding principles of Mumbulla School
Mumbulla School is dedicated to providing an education that honours, respects and values the unique qualities of individual and cultural diversity.

Our responsibility to effect change
We acknowledge our responsibility to address racism, particularly within our interactions with students, families, and the broader community. Any actions, whether intentional or subconscious, that exclude or demean specific groups of people contradict the core principles of Mumbulla School. We firmly believe in the importance of continuous self-reflection, learning, and growth, both as individuals and as a school community. Our aim is to cultivate an inclusive school environment that supports students, families, and staff in embracing equality and celebrating diversity across all aspects of school life.

This statement authentically represents our values, intentions, and actions. It serves as a living document, inviting open discussion and constructive dialogue regarding the issues it addresses.