Policies and Procedures

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All School policies may be obtained in hard copy by contacting the school on (02) 6492 3476 or email: eduadmin@mumbullaschool.com.au

The School’s policies which are made from time to time are made pursuant to the requirements set out in section 47 of the Education Act and of the NSW Education Standards Authority (formally BOSTES) for registration of the school.

Educational and Child Related Policies and Procedures
Child Protection
Excursions and Camps
First Aid and Medical
Learning Support
Staff Code of Conduct
Student Welfare and Behaviour Management
Student Counselling and Wellbeing Services
Supervision of Children
Operational and Parent/Carer Related Policies and Procedures
Emergencies and Evacuation
Educational and Financial Reporting
Grievance Resolution
Head Lice Policy & Procedures
Notifiable Data Breach
Parent Code of Conduct
Premises and Buildings
Privacy Policy
Recruitment Policy
Responsible Person 
Whistle Blower Policy