Mandated Groups 2016

Mandated groups are mandated by the Board to take charge of certain areas of the school’s functioning. Mandated groups must:

  • Meet regularly
  • Take minutes
  • Report to the Board at each Business meeting
  • Include a Director and a College rep


The following is the list of current mandated groups with the area of mandate and each group’s member list. For any enquiries re the groups, please contact the Director liaison (Director liaisons are in bold):


Building & Grounds (B&G), WHS, mandated to:

  • Ensure that the Maintenance Schedule is being carried out within time and within budget.
  • Assist the B&G coordinator to manage maintenance tasks
  • Co-ordinate 4 Whole of School Working Bees per year.
  • Engender an appreciation for volunteering as a parent toward the benefit of the school.
  • Implement solutions for identified WHS concerns
  • Co-ordinate the school’s recycling program
  • Liaise with the College of Teachers concerning all works carried out
  • Assist the Business Manager where necessary, to manage projects identified and approved by the Board of Directors in co-operation with other mandated groups and in line with the Strategic Plan and current grant funding.
  • Ensure that all works are carried out within the annual budget
  • Carry out safety inspections for the school
  • Assess risks
  • Prioritise hazard removal and minimisation
  • Ensure all groups are aware of their risk management responsibilities
  • Liaise with B&G group to identify risks and provide solutions



  1. Jason Armstrong (B&G coordinator)
  2. Hallie Fernandez (Business Manager)
  3. Mahamati



WH&S Group, mandated to:

  • Carry out safety inspections for the school, assess risks and prioritise hazard minimisation.


  1. Hallie Fernandez (Business Manager)
  2. Jason Armstrong (B&G coordinator)
  3. Andrew Taylor (Director)


Finance, mandated to:

  • Develop policy for financial matters
  • Regularly review operating and capital financial performance
  • Bring any financial matters requiring attention to the Board for action and decision.


  1. Hallie Fernandez (Business Manager)
  2. Melinda Downs
  3. Kristy Fitzmaurice
  4. Annabelle Ciufo
  5. Rosie Yee


Employment, mandated to:

  • Discuss all issues relevant to employment
  • Develop and review policy for and make recommendations to the Board of Directors on employment
  • To act as support for the Business Manager and College of Teachers in regard to employment


  1. Lee Slater (Director)
  2. Hallie Fernandez (Business Manager)
  3. Mahamati
  4. Reagan White (Education Manager/Director)
  5. Deb Smith (Director)


Master Planning Group, mandated to:

  • Research, and keep abreast of developments in relation to the ex-Spenco land, now owned by Lascorp who have plans to develop the site in the near future
  • Liaise with Council and other bodies where necessary to keep the school safe in relation to its land and boundaries.


  1. Rachel Alves (Convenor/Director)
  2. Hallie Fernandez (Business Manager)
  3. Tjenka Murray
  4. Mark Spittle
  5. Chrisanthi McManus


GLaM group, mandated to:

  • Investigate best practices for the successful inclusion of students with additional needs
  • Research funding sources and fundraising opportunities and help the school access a range of resources and services provided for teachers of children with additional needs
  • lobby government departments re adequate funding for children with disabilities at non-government schools.


  1. Ali Rodway
  2. Averil Fink
  3. Mahamati
  4. Moira Scollay
  5. Ian Campbell (Board Chair)
  6. Reagan White (Education Manager/Director)


Public Relations Group, mandated to:

  • Promote and market the school
  • Ensure the consistency and quality of image in the school’s marketing operations.
  • Generate materials and strategies for use in the school’s marketing operations


  1. Rachel Alves (College, DIrector)
  2. Vicki Goldsmith (Director)
  3. Mahamati
  4. Kristy Fitzmaurice
  5. Josh van de Scheur


P&F, mandated to:

  • Create and keep vital the social aspects of the school community
  • Plan and implement fundraising for school
  • Facilitate and encourage communication between parents and the other decision making bodies at Mumbulla School.
  • Take an active role in government requirements & legislation where necessary


  1. Vickie Goldsmith (Director), Sarah Morrison (committee member)
  2. Reagan White (Education Manager/Director)
  3. All parents & friends of Mumbulla School who have ever made a cake or washed a dish for a school function