School Fees



At Mumbulla School the Board of Directors endeavour to keep fees as low as possible. Unlike other schools your fees are totally inclusive, this means you are rarely asked to hand out any more money during the year other than fees. We also do not ask you to buy or pay for any materials for your child such as books, pencils, crayons etc. the school absorbs this cost. You would normally be charged or have to purchase these items at other schools.


In order to keep functioning at a high rate of quality, the school needs parents to honour their fee payments. We do get funding from the Governments but this is not enough to run the school at a high level of quality and variety of curriculum offered.


We offer quite a number of options to pay your fees. One of the most popular and successful is paying your fees over the entire year in fortnightly instalments either through Internet banking or setting up a direct through your financial institution. This means you are not faced with a large bill at the beginning of each term and you could have it debited from an account you get family payments into or come in and fill in a form for Centrelink to directly debt your payments.


Click on the link below to view this year's fee schedule.


Tuition & Fees for 2017 pdf