Class 3

Class Three is a very practical year at Mumbulla School. The theme could be “teach me how to work in the world.” The programme includes gardening, cooking, farming, building and camping. Class 3 children set up individual and class gardens, build cubbies, care for the school poultry, visit local farms and study the history of agriculture.


It is a significant year for children as there is a change in their relationship with the outer world. Now as their individuality begins to emerge more strongly they are beginning to differentiate between nature, other people and themselves. They need to feel secure within clear boundaries and strong routines.


The children appreciate the strength portrayed in Old Testament stories and to complement these stories our programme includes Jewish dancing and songs.


The first school camp takes place too, somewhere nearby in one of the local National Parks.


Class Three is a big year musically as a particularly important Main Lesson involves the study of musical notation. Shortly after this, each child is measured up for a stringed instrument (violin, viola or cello) and begins to learn how to play it. This is something that they will study until Class 5 when they may choose to continue on or to change to a brass, woodwind or percussion instrument.