Class 2

Class 2 builds on what was learnt in Class 1. The children can now concentrate for longer periods of time and are more able to develop their own pictorial images. The Class teacher returning at the beginning of the school year to be with their class will find that these children now need greater challenges. They are eager for adventure and delight in stories such as The King of Ireland’s Son and tales of North American Indian or Celtic heroes.


The children are now writing more independently and taking part in the school’s reading programme with support, if necessary, from our literacy teacher and parent volunteers.


Maths too is becoming more complicated and again children who have been identified as needing intervention will get extra support. Four Maths Main Lessons are presented over the course of the year and regular Maths practice sessions take place each week.


The children are alert and keen and, while still absorbed and at one with the world around them they are becoming sceptical about the magic that so captivated them last year.


As folk stories give way to myths and legends the children are told local Aboriginal legends and Pacific Rim myths. The children learn about human strengths through stories about the Saints and human frailties through animal fables.

Music lessons are slipped into the weekly programme and the children extend their knitting prowess and learn to crochet in Craft.